Weather’s Greatest Mysteries Solved!

Throughout history, climate has changed us, and we have changed climate.  Sometimes these changes are mild, and sometimes they are merciless.  Whether we like it or not, climate affects every aspect of our lives.   For this reason, human civilization is in a constant, frequently fatal tug-a-war with climate.

It has been a human desire for millennia to make accurate weather predictions.  Weather has literally penetrated our languages with sayings, adages and omens.  These sayings were meant to help us determine whether the next day will bring fair or foul weather.  Even with the help of ancient sayings, the ultimate question is can we solve climate’s biggest mysteries.  Are they fact?  Fiction?  Or devious half-truths?

What caused the total collapse of the Mayan civilization?  Was the Black Death caused by a massive weather event?  How did the desert city of Petra die after 500 years of prosperity?  Is Phoenix, Arizona next?

These and other mysteries are the series Weather’s Greatest Mysteries Solved!

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Based on the book Weather’s Greatest Mysteries Solved! by Randall Cerveny

(This video produced by Discovery Science. It is an example of Dr. Cerveny’s unique climatological analysis.)