Deep Springs – a desert education

An hour’s drive from the nearest small town, Deep Springs College sits high on a desert plateau in the White Mountains of eastern California. Founded in 1917 by L. L. Nunn, an industrialist and philanthropist, the school is one of the most prestigious educational experiments in America. Limited to twenty-four young men, who come from the top percent of the Nation’s academic pool, the college offers a full, two-year scholarship to all admitted.

Removed from the “uproar and strife,” the students inhabit a social wilderness without from women their age. This inevitably provokes certain personal discoveries and transformations. It also can foster a tension of gender perception, of sexual orientation and, given the school’s overt elitism, the possibility of sub-conscious chauvinism.

Winner Best Documentary Film at The Cosmos INternational Film Festival. Honored at both The Hot Springs International Documentary Festival and the Festival du Cinéma de Bruxelles.

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