Skid Row

On any given night there are nearly 80,000 homeless people on the streets of L.A.’s Skid Row. This five-block area, also known as The Nickel, is the Nation’s biggest open drug market, has its highest concentration of convicted felons, and is the location of its highest number of hospital dumpings. It is also the workplace of some of the Nation’s most tireless heroes.

SKID ROW: LOS ANGELES MISSION is a reality series about a dynamic and diverse group of social workers, who struggle to meet the needs of one of the toughest neighborhoods in America. With passion and enthusiasm, they serve a part of our population that has fallen through the cracks. For this population, they are often the last hope. The guiding principle of this TV series is the fact that Skid Row proves the adage, “But for the Grace of God go I.”

Created by Brian Mulchy

Inside Skid Row (alternate video)

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