About Christof

Christof attended Deep Springs College before earning a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University, where he was a dual degree candidate in architecture and film. While at Cornell, he was co-editor of The Cornell Journal of Architecture and a regular film critic for The Cornell Perspective.

He studied abroad both in high school and college, attending the Sorbonne’s prestigious Centre Parisien d’Etudes Critiques, as well as at the Hochschule der Künst in Berlin. During this time, he received numerous grants and awards. He earned a Masters of Arts from California Institute of the Arts.

In 1996, he was a Fulbright finalist for a film project about children in Mali, and, that same year, he received the distinguished Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Grant for a documentary project in Germany about family identity.

In 1998, Christof joined USA Network. During eight years at the network, he developed numerous shows. In 2006, Christof produced and directed the award winning documentary Deep Springs – a desert education and launched the comedy site Zipper.tv. In 2007, Christof started Junto Entertainment.