Ocean’s End

Seen from space, Earth is clearly an ocean planet, a bright blue ball swaddled in clouds of water vapor. Oceans cover over 71 percent of our planet’s surface. It is the oceans, not the land, that make our planet unique, setting it apart from the dozens of dead worlds in our solar system.

The oceans are the cradle of life, but for most of human history this fact has eluded us. Unable to explore and participate in the undersea realm, humans regarded it as a dark and threatening place, the lair of monsters and wrathful gods.

After 365 million years ashore, we are only beginning to explore the watery kingdom. Sadly, those explorations are revealing that our power and ignorance are rapidly destroying the living oceans. We are polluting the seas back to prehistoric times.

The cradle of life is becoming a watery grave.

Based on the book by Colin Woodard

To be hosted by Alexandra Cousteau

In association with Lawrence Bender Productions

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