Splitting Heirs

Every year, millions of families, business associates, and friends go to war over money, custody, business interests, estates, wills and more. Of the nation’s 300 million people, each one will, at some point, face a conflict that causes deep, raw human emotion to surface.

Every one of these conflicts could lead to a lawsuit that has the potential to destroy the people involved. But getting a lawyer and taking the dispute to court only serves to aggravate and escalate the matter and cause everyone involved more pain, stress and heartache.

As much as we want to believe the law leads to truth and justice, legal battles rarely have positive outcomes, even for the “winners.” The only winners are the nation’s ever-growing body of lawyers, who get their hefty attorneys fees while leaving behind even more emotional wreckage. Splitting Heirs is a TV series that dives into these conflicts, proving that you don’t need a controlled substance to warrant an intervention. Into these highly explosive conflicts, prior to lawsuits, steps Alexis Neely.

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